Pump Rentals

Services at ECD

    • Pump rentals are offered in day, week, or month-long intervals.
    • Suction and discharge hoses are also available to rent.
    • Delivery available to job sites in Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and Charleston areas only.
    • Ask about packaging pumps with hoses and/or dewatering systems for a complete, turn-key solution. 

Types of pumps

Vacuum assist pumps

4”, 6”, and 8” vacuum assist pumps – used for bypass, general dewatering (pumping out a pond or other large body of water), and moving large volumes of water quickly. Diesel driven.

Diaphragm pumps

4” and 6” Diaphragm Pumps – Can run dry (meaning they can run without water and it won’t damage them), are fuel efficient, can be used in multiple applications: wellpoint system, sock system, kelly well/sump/whistle dewatering. 

Rotary style pumps

8” and 12” rotary style pumps – larger diesel-driven units made for wellpoint systems or sock drain systems. Can run much larger systems (up to 1,200ft of wellpoints or sock drain give or take).

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