sock drain dewatering

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Sock drain dewatering (also known as sock tile, horizontal dewatering, or sock) is one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for combating groundwater on construction sites. Using a specialized dewatering trencher, we install a 5” sock drain (basically a 5-inch diameter corrugated pipe with a filter sock around it) 12ft to 18ft deep in the ground that the groundwater can flow into. Where the sock comes out of the ground is called the header (or tail) which is a 5” HDPE pipe that is solid, which is connected to a dewatering style pump (4” or 6” double diaphragm, 6” piston style, 8” or 12” rotary style pump).

The sock is installed with our trencher anywhere from 12’ to 18’ deep. As we begin to trench in, the run starts with a header pipe that’s 30’ long to ensure that we reach the target depth before we start dewatering and making sure there is enough header left above ground to connect to the dewatering pump/hose. Once we trench in a run, usually in 500’ lengths, we end the run with another section of header pipe. Depending on where the pump is going, the other end of the run will have an end cap on it to ensure there are no air leaks. It is then connected to the pump and discharged away from the area. 

Why Hire us?

What makes ECD different?


ECD is the only sock trenching company centrally located on the South Carolina coast to service the Eastern seaboard. We are fast, efficient, and able to mobilize in and out of a job quickly.


Our crew is expertly trained to operate the trencher in many different types of soils and situations. The entire team has over 15 years of experience in dewatering and pump solutions and over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. 


Our trencher is state of the art, with many upgrades to make it more efficient. One of our upgrades, our sock reel, allows the trencher to carry the sock roll and dispense it as we trench, unlike some of our competitors. 

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